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TEFL Teaching Children

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PDF books with activites, teaching ideas, games, etc.


We have put together this collection of TEFL pdf books aimed at teaching children. Below you’ll find the titles. Story Making, use of flashcards, classroom activities, etc.

*Jumpstart Storymaking-Games and actvities for kids 7-12 Y.O – By Routledge

*150 ideas for using flaschards in the classroom- By Veronica Gelfgren

*700 Classroom Activities – By Macmillan

*Best practises for teaching reading- By Randi Stone

*Developing material for language teaching, Second edition- By Blomsbury

*Fun class games and activities for teachers- By Longman

*The English Teacher Survival Guide – Techniques and material for grades 7-12
By Mary Lou Brandvick and Katherine S. McKnight

*Very young learners – By Vanessa Reilley

*Free: Creativity in the English Classroom- By the British Council


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