Brag Tags


Over 350 brag tags for specific learners behaviours.


These are perfect for recognizing specific learner behaviors.

Accelerated Reader- this year my students will earn a brag time when they earn 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 AR points.
7 Habits of Happy Kids- students will earn brag tags when caught them utilizing one of their 7 habits.
Life Skills- when teacher sees them practicing a life skill I’ve taught them.
Academic- Multiplication Fact brag tags when they master a set of facts. There are also some general brag tags for the other subjects.
Homework- for each month that students turn in all their homework, they’ll get a brag tag that says “September Homework Club” and so on.
Holidays- Students won’t earn brag tags for every holiday but we spotlighted some such as Constitution Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day… we learn about these in Social Studies.
Rules- students can earn brag tags when caught following classroom and school rules.
Super Improvers- every student will get their “beginner” tag on the first day of school. Once they get their 10 stickers on their card on the Super Improver Wall, I’ll give them their Learner tag and so on.
Go Noodle- every time our Go Noodle Champ maxes out, they will get the champ brag tag.
Other- Honor Roll, Role Model Behavior and other character related traits.


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