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Easter Tales with valuable life lessons + Activites for primary Sts



Included in this product:

5 short Easter Stories

10 Pre/after reading activities + 1 extension activity for each story included in this pack

Embark on an Educational Adventure with Enchanting Easter Tales for Your Classroom!

Dive into a world of whimsy and wonder with our captivating Easter story collection designed to bring joy, creativity, and valuable life lessons to your classroom.

Unlock Imagination with “Bubbles the Bunny’s Giggling Egg Hunt”: Take your students on a laughter-filled journey as Bubbles the Bunny concocts a mischievous Easter egg hunt. Discover the magic of shared joy, giggles, and the power of a mischievous bunny to sprinkle kindness through simple pranks.

Journey into Whimsy with “Bubbles the Bunny’s Grand Hat-Hiding Adventure”: Join Bubbles in a delightful escapade where Easter eggs don tiny hats, sparking laughter and hat-swapping fun. Uncover the lesson that sometimes, a bunny with a collection of hats can bring joy and kindness to the entire community.

Celebrate Diversity with “The Easter Chicken’s Dance Party”: In Chuckleville, join Cluckles the Easter Chicken in a dance extravaganza that teaches the importance of sharing unique talents. This story is intended to instill values of inclusion and embracing individual gifts.

Discover the Magic of Belief with “The Magic Jellybean Hunt: Watch as the forest echoes with laughter and giggles as children use their imagination to seek out invisible jellybeans. This enchanting tale instills the profound lesson that sometimes, believing in the magic of kindness and imagination can make extraordinary things happen.

Explore Inclusivity with “Bubbles’ Grand Easter Parade”: Bubbles dreams of the grandest Easter parade, but his realization that everyone has a unique gift leads to a heartwarming celebration of diversity. This tale imparts the valuable lesson that it’s not about dancing perfectly but embracing each other’s unique talents.

  • Engaging Narratives: Captivate your students with enchanting tales that foster a love for reading and storytelling.
  • Inclusive Themes: Promote values of kindness, diversity, and inclusion through relatable and heartwarming stories.
  • Interactive Learning: Enhance classroom dynamics with pre- and post-reading activities that spark creativity and encourage student participation.
  • Memorable Lessons: Imprint lasting lessons about sharing, kindness, and embracing individuality, creating a positive and inclusive classroom culture.


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