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EDITABLE- Classroom language & rules – Snoopy themed


Super complete product to add to your classroom.


Product Description

This great product includes 14 different slides including 2 that are EDITABLE so you can customize it to your students needs. Should you need further edits, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The classroom language phrases included are:

– May I go to the toilet, please?

– May I stand up, please?

– Can you speak louder, please?

– I can’t see the board, can you move aside, please?

– Can we pack our things now?

– Can I switch off/on the AC, please?

– Can you help me, please?

– How do you say … in English?

– How do you spell … in English?

Classroom rules

– Raise your hand to speak.

– Listen to your peers and teacher.

– Hand in your work in time and manner.

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