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FREE- Children’s Illustrated Animal Atlas


A thrilling animal adventure around the globe.


A thrilling animal adventure around the globe, packed with maps and facts and that is perfect for kids ages 6–8.

With more than 40 full-color maps, Children’s Illustrated Animal Atlas zooms in on countries and continents to show key animal habitats and locations around the world.

Photographs highlight each continent’s most iconic animals, and colorful graphics take a closer look, showing the animals and plants found within each territory. Habitats are introduced and explained on visually stunning pages, from the mountains and deserts to grasslands and tropical rain forests. Bite-size facts and figures explain where the habitats are found and what the climate is like, and describe the plants and animals that live in them, making the information easy for kids to comprehend.

Children’s Illustrated Animal Atlas brings the amazing world of wildlife into the home, taking kids on a wild adventure around the globe.


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