Effective strategies to become an excellent online teacher


ONLINE TEACHING WORKBOOK: Effective strategies to become an excellent online teacher, create an online school, build an online community while working from home.

Online teaching has evolved over the years. Technological advancement has made it easier to teach people online. People can now sit at the comfort of their homes to receive lectures without fear of road traffic, accident, etc. However, teaching online requires a lot of skills, strategies, and tools. It is different from the face to face classroom teaching.
In this book, you will learn the following;
-Excellent online teaching techniques
-Master the skills involved in online teaching.
-How to lay the foundation of a productive learning community,
-Understand how to build an online community.
-Learn how to communicate with your students.
-How to create an online course.
-Tools that you need for your online school.
-How to finance your online school
-Various platforms that you can create your online school
-How to grade your students.
-How to reply to feedback.
-How to price your course .etc

If you are already teaching online, section B of this book will guide you through the different ways to communicate with your students and get the best out of your students. It will guide you on how to build an online community within a short time.

Also included in this book are the link to materials that will help you to build your online school.


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