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Telling the time- Posters + worksheets- Bilingual version


These posters and wroksheets are simple yet fun.


This is a complete set with posters that details both the digital and analog time. It also includes 3 activities to practice and play. The color games may be laminated so they can work in pairs / groups and match with a dry eraser pen. After they finish with the activity, you can erase it and use it as many times as needed.

There is also a listening activity in which they have to listen to the teacher telling them the time, they have to draw the hands in the clocks and write it down below.

The posters will be a great visual aid for them and will help them remember the time easier.


– Eight posters (4 in each languague)

– Two Read and draw the hands on the clock activity (1 in each language)

– Four look and match the clock to the written time (2 in each language)

– Two Listen to your teacher and draw the hands + write down the time you hear (1 in each language)

All that is included in this pack comes in two versions: Spanish & English. 16 pages in total.


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