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Cute, ready to print Partners wheel


Getting partners and groups together is easy!


How do you choose partners or groups in class?

This a great and easy to use product to select partners and groups within your classroom.

It comes with the option of three different wheel for 16 , 24 and 36 students /items! it is very easy to make and Edit. Both color and black & white versions are included in this set.

1 Open the file using powerpoint or keynote

2 Select the wheel you need

3 Add the names of your students and type of wheel (reading partners, groups, etc)

4 Print and laminate

5 Put it together as the sample page shows

You can laminate, write on it with a board eraser marker, and re-use it as many times as you want and can be used for different activities. Not only to make partners or groups…

Partners who can not be together, are put into the same circle so they are never accidentaly put together.

Should you need any edits, do not hesitate to contact me.


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