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Vocabulary-Set 1


Get all the material you need, and more, in one download.


In this set you´ll find flashcards and activities related to the following topics:

* Adjectives: Feelings Flash Cards, Coloring feelings worksheet, Adjective mistery bag, wordsearch, Super Heroe activities, Monster feelings Flash Cards, Adjectives ABC order, Roll the dice, Adjectives Describing words worksheets, ¨How do you feel¨ Flashcards, etc.

* Clothes: Closet cut, color and paste worksheet, 2 sets of Colourful Clothes and accesories Flashcards, dominoe, wordsearch, etc.

* Food: Veggies Bingo Cards, Food Flashcards, Fridge and food activity, memory game, favourite food activity, etc.

* Prepositions: Read and match, complete the gaps, etc

* Professions: wordsearch, Bingo.

* Days of the week, months of the year + Weather: Flashcards, Classroom decorations, wroksheets related to the weather.

* ESL worksheets and activities book with over 45 Activities!

Many activities in high definition, full color, and flashcards included! (the preview only shows a couple of them)


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